I decided to start a new business last week.  I have been dreaming about doing something for some time now and just decided what I want to do.  It is a great feeling.  For some people they express their creativity in traditional ways like art, music and dancing.  My creativity is with business.  I love creating, helping and being around businesses.  Especially small business.

So, I am starting a bookkeeping company.  Accounting is something that I have grown to love.  In school I always loved complicated Math problems until I got to calculus.  For me, Accounting is that algebra class that I loved.  Until recently I have not taken any formal accounting classes.  But I found my love for accounting years ago when I started my first business.  I learned how good accounting tells a story to the business and gives a pointed plan of action.

What makes me the most excited about this company is that I will get to really gain an understanding of how my clients business operates.  This will give me the ability to create even more value for my client in the long run.

Real excited

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