Build a website

My number one focus right now is building a website.  I am looking to build a draft.  Something sufficient enough to build on.  Reason I am starting on the website is because it will allow me to start telling the story of the company.  Who are we and why do we exist on this earth.  I am not looking to make it more than a handful of pages and it will be built to capture leads interested in the services we will offer.

I envision the website to be the place where I can put together to services offering that we will be providing to our clients.  Come up with a pricing model and then work on the specific services that will be provided in each model.  Once this is put together it should translate well into a proposal to give to prospective clients, etc.

The other section on the website I was to build out are all the 3rd party tools I will use to pull off the services.  I think a dedicated page for each tool would be great.  A short description of what it is and how it will help add value to the business.

Once the website is built I still will need to put together a contract, develop a way to charge clients, learn the software I will be using to execute the services and finally, start my soft launch to close friends.


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