Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks online has been around for a long time but it hasn’t been until recently that Intuit has made an effort to make this software something accountants and business will actually use.  I think with the advent of Xero and their quick entry to market has made them have to get serious about having a SAAS product.

Quickbooks online + their online payroll solution is going to be part of the service package I will be providing.  I am going to create a Xero center package as well as a Quickbooks Centered offering.  One of the main advantages of the Quickbooks offering is that everything seems to be integrated.

Quickbooks has integrated payroll as well as an integrated payments platform.  In terms of user experience that will be much better for the user.  Also, the Plus version allows for more complicated functionality like job costing, categorizing into classes, vendor 1099 prep, inventory tracking, etc.  A lot of functionality that Xero would have to include thru a 3rd party add on.

The Quickbooks offering starts at $13 per month, has a $27 level and a $40 level.  Each offering offers more services.  The $27 will be the most common level and I will probably be able to build the bookkeping services around the three levels and include each one with the corresponding level of service.  I am thinking I will offer a Xero track as well as a Quickbooks track.  That way we can keep pricing different and the client experience different however there might be an opportunity to keep pricing the same, just the software different depending on client preference.  Onward to exploring more software.

For more on the Quickbooks online offering, click here 


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