Evolution of Customer Success

Software as a service is changing the customer service standard as a whole.  Prior to SAAS, customer service in technology was either non existent and sold as technical support with a heavy price tag OR it was very simple.

What the SAAS model is doing is forcing companies to provide a high quality of service because customer retention is key to the companies growth.

The name has changed.  It once was customer service and is now customer success.  Its about successfully getting customers using the software to make their business better.

The great thing about this is, rather than just helping a customer user the software, the customer success department has the opportunity to change the way the customers runs their business because of the software.  That is where the value is to the end user.  Being able to speak to someone who knows how to leverage technology to make their lives better.

This is how customer success departments must hire, train and evaluate themselves.  Its not about how happy the client is with the software or how well they know how to repeat their normal business functions in it.

The excellent customer success department must evaluate its success on how well they can understand the clients business needs and solve their business problems efficiently and effectively with the software tool their company sells.  Its about feature adoption but more importantly its about demonstrating value.

Great customer success members must intimately understand the clients business AND intimately understand the software tool being used to solve business problems.

That is where customer success is headed.

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