The Key to Great Customer Success in SAAS

Customer_Success_and_SatisfactionTrust.  Your clients must trust you.  Excellent customer success  hinges on your ability to be a trusted voice to your client’s problems.  Over your clients life cycle, you will be spending more time with your clients than anyone else in the organization and your focus must be one of creating a relationship built on trust.  So how do you do that?  Relate to your clients, keep perspective and work towards aligned goals.

Relate to your client. You must learn relate, empathize and understand exactly what your client is going through.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Ask a lot of questions and make sure you get them talking so you can understand their story.  When you are able to do that, you are able to meet the client where they are at.  Ironically, great sales reps are excellent at relating the clients and selling value.  It is even more important for Customer success  reps to do the same.  You are on the hook for actually demonstrating value to the client.

Always keep perspective.  As a customer success representative you know that many times you are speaking with a frustrated client that is struggling with your software.  They are angry and they are taking everything you say personally.  That is because to them, it is personal.  To them, they are paying your company money to solve a business problem they don’t feel like is getting solved.  Keep this in perspective.  Being able to understand their frustration and work together towards a solution is much more effective than characterizing them poorly because of their lack of professionalism when they are speaking with you.

Your goals should always be your clients goals.  You have your own goals like cases closed, clients on-boarded, survey feedback, etc.  Don’t get in the habit of always trying to meeting your goals without considering the goals of your clients.  A narrow focus on your goals does not lead to success however a laser focus on your clients goals will.  Maintaining focus on meeting your client goals will in return allow you to meet your goals much more effectively.  It also makes the job more fun because both you and your clients are working towards the same thing.  The job becomes difficult when you feel like you are working against your clients or they are working against you.  This should be a sign that your goals are not aligned to theirs.  Figure out how to get that done and your success will increase tremendously.


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