Value Based On-boarding

Buying new software is an exciting process filled dreaming about how the software is going to help solve many different business challenges.  It is filled with optimism and dreams of a better life.  A purchase often happens because buyer believes the product is going to benefit their business.  They see the value.  Then, what happens next is often the most challenging.

The phase post sale is often referred to as On-boarding.  The concept is simple, take an existing business and get them using the software they purchased by migrating data, configuring and training.  The execution is challenging.  It is very resource expensive for the business that purchased the new software.

Value based onboarding is essential.  Basically, instead of talking about a clients business, understanding how it works and then enabling features, you make each conversation about the value the feature delivers the business.  Its not more work, its just a different mindset.  You are mapping the on-boarding of the software to the dreams the client had during the sales process and then turning those dreams into a reality.

But what if the dreams were not realistic.  This often happens so knowing how to set great expectations during sales and then post sales is necessary.  If sales and on-boarding are aligned regarding expectations, it is really easy to speak to proper expectations and conversations that happened during the sales process.

The two requirements to show value is to have a deep understanding of the industry the client works in and deep understanding of how the software is designed to solve those problems and show value.


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